Komtes Group consists of companies with extensive experience in fire protection . Assemble a complete product portfolio of detection, control and extinguishing for all types of applications in firefighting . From this section you can access all the information you need about us.


Group's Strength


Our occupation as manufacturers, consultants and commercial distribution, has made it possible for us to control the entire production cycle and hence able to offer most competitive prices and services.



With strong profit returns and subsequent investments in innovation, we are at the international forefront of development and commercialization of leading fire protection systems.

Our extensive portfolio of products allows us to maintain an objective criterion, based on the balance between needs and technical performance, without any commercial ties or brand limitations.


Our services include all business areas within the scope of fire protection: detection, fixed and manual systems, passive protection, refills and reconditioning, maintenance and removal of obsolete products.


We have offices and branches in many regions around the world facilitating a close contact point and direct support. Also, our warehouses in Spain, Miami, London and Singapore have made possible a quick response and wide operational capacity.

We participate in major events of the sector (expos, conventions), with a strong presence and reach.


We frequently collaborate on key international projects around the world. Large and multinational customers trust us to safeguard their investments in the event of a fire: the Panama Canal, the Maracana Stadium, refineries and regasification, Dubai Airport, the Subway Station in Turkey, Pemex Plants, Natural Gas Fenosa and Iberdrola projects, among many others; they all proudly rely on the Komtes Group.