Automatic Water-Based Suppression



The investments we have made in controlling processes and quality in our modern production lines, as well as our extensive experience in this sector, translates to our products having been awarded the most widely recognised certifications at both national and international level, and are worthy of the trust our clients place in us on a daily basis.

The experience acquired over several decades operating in markets all over the world means that AG FIRE SPRINKLER is a technically sound company, characterised by always being one step ahead in the fire protection sector.







In the SIEX water mist range, there are products specifically designed for the individual requirements of a given hazard. Systems are designed according to the water requirements for controlling, suppressing or extinguishing the fire, and their specifications for storing the water required for extinguishing.
SIEX has both CYLINDER BANKS which store the extinguishing agent and propel it via pressurized nitrogen, and units working with ELECTRICAL OR DIESEL MOTOR PUMPS. These propel the water contained in tanks when larger amounts are required to suppress and/or extinguish the fire. The pumps can be powered with engines of various power ratings so customers can have a system custom tailored to their protection needs.