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Raúl Melgosa officially presents the Group as a member of this association that promotes digital innovation.
The Digital Innovation Hub of Burgos has held its General Assembly in La Estación de la Ciencia y la Tecnología  (rehabilitated building of the old train station), which was attended by the City Councillor for Finance and during which the official presentation of the Komtes Group as a new member of this digital association took place. 

During his speech, the CEO of the Komtes Group explained the company's wide-ranging competences in fire protection, its strong national and international presence, and the group's exporting vocation.

Raúl Melgosa acknowledged that "we are living in complicated times for companies, socially, politically, internationally, and so on. But not even in the worst of times have we abandoned our commitment to improve and to offer products and solutions, always with innovation as our banner". And he said he was "convinced of the effect that digitalisation has on competitiveness. And what better place than this association to share experience and knowledge in the industrial engineering sector and promote digital transformation".

Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0 is a private non-profit association, made up of industries, technology companies, knowledge centres and key players in the system, with the aim of promoting the adoption of Industry 4.0 in the region's business fabric, 
and to support companies in their industrial digitalisation processes by providing technical support and advisory services.