SIEX obtains french A2P approval

Portuguese, Portugal

Siex obtains the A2P French approval for the clean agent systems based on chemical gases (FK-5-1-12) and inerts constant flow (IG-541, IG-55, IG-100). It expands the large list of independent international and regional approvals Siex offers. This portfolio allows us guarantee a total fire suppression effectiveness so as a complete regulation adherence in more than 90 countries and markets.
CNPP French specialist institute certified, the new approved Siex’ nine clean agents systems will start marketing in France together with ITEX (Ingénierie Techniques d’Extinction), the expert fire protection company, certified as well for gases suppression systems installation and maintenance.
This integrated validation makes it easy for the owners of sensitive assets and critical elements to get versatile and high-performance solutions according to their real needs and with complete and continuous expert monitoring.
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